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About US

Situated in Moreton Pinkney near Banbury, Our club provides a safe environment for the flight of radio controlled aircraft of all types.
A rolled runway 155 metres in length and over 75 metres wide with plenty of parking and pit space for even the busiest of days makes us a great flying site. Being north facing, there is no sun glare and our club hut is the perfect place to warm up on cold winter days
If you are just starting out in the hobby you will benefit from receiving help and guidance from experienced club members who will be glad to give you their time in order to get you up and flying as soon as possible.

The club has several registered instructors who will provide free of charge
training and will help you to achieve the BMFA 'A' Certificate, which ensures your flying is safe and allows you to fly unsupervised. More experienced flyers can improve their skills with the help of the instructors and support of other members can aim to achieve the 'B' or 'C' Certificate if they wish.

Perhaps even more importantly, the club has a strong social element with regular meetings through the year and the camaraderie of meeting and flying together at the site. The club strives to meet its obligations to the community so that its activities never detract from other people’s enjoyment of the countryside.

Our club has a membership with an age range from 7 to the most senior, with a strong emphasis on encouraging younger members into the hobby. We also cater for and have disabled members and vulnerable people. Model aircraft flying is an absorbing sporting activity that teaches not only aircraft control but many other skills including building and craft technique, the physics of aircraft flight, battery & electronics technology and engine mechanics. The club has a strong tradition of teaching newcomers the skills of aircraft flying and maintenance. The flying area is carefully maintained together with the access and car parking area. We currently fly a range of aircraft incorporating internal combustion engines, gas turbines and battery powered electric aircraft, however we do not allow drones/multi-rotors unless under exceptional circumstances. We have over 50 members and counting and hope that you will be our next!

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